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The saying “lead by example”, I want to do more than that. I want to enlighten by example. Although it wasn’t always like this, since the process of my book getting published, I wanted to share my experiences with the world so that people who feel defeated can know because they see that there is a way to not feel that way or anyway that speaks less than as long as you’re willing to do the work. I want to encourage by example by sharing a word or a smile to the people that look for it without saying it because a true giver of encouragement can tell. I want to empower by example. I want people to look at me and see many things, but the one thing I want people to see is, the strength and power that works within me.


I Have This, This Doesn’t Have Me speaks of things that I was born with. Some people may not notice my physical differences right away, but I know they’re there but I made a choice. That choice was to accept the things that I could not change ((The Serenity Prayer)). I have learned to accept the fact that these things are a part of me. These things make me who I am. These things challenge me daily. These things about me are rare but they are real. I have them as mine, but they do not the ability or the power to get the best of me. Through my writing, I do not leave any stone unturned. Everyone that reads Part One will see and be able to feel the emotions as they play out in the book and that is something that I am proud of.

As “I” can be replaced with “You”, “He”, “She”, “We” or whatever fits, I want everyone to understand that “This” in the title can and will mean something different to whoever reads it. The title is meant to be custom fitted so that each reader can finish the book feeling enlightened encouraged and empowered!


Have you read I Have This, This Doesn’t Have Me? Let’s chat! On the back cover, you will find my email address. Send me a review, questions, comments, feedback! 😊


                                                                                God Bless!



To me, entrepreneurship speaks of a brand and that brand is the ability to unapologetically become the best version of yourself because when you do the work, although it's tough it's worth it :-)



I believe that it order to be great, greater and the greatest, you have to want to be different. Greatness requires change in some way, shape or form depending on the individual. I made the decision to not get stuck in contentment and for me, that is because when contentment sets in there is no need to be great, greater or the greatest. When contentment sets in, goals may or may not get achieved and motivation can dwindle. I knew I wanted more than that so I strive to keep inspiring people to keep going, keep moving forward and keep their eyes on the prize because everyone seems to do what's easy but the ability to tap into what may not be so easy, that shows faith! As an inspiration, I find joy in having this ability daily. This is the life! So, I thank you all for not only visiting this page but allowing my story to inspire you and the greatness within!

My Book

I Have This. This Doesn't Have Me, is my first official book. It was completed and revealed on September 19th 2015. Being that this is my first one, it is the one that I am the most proud of as it tells all about my life and how I made it although I am faced with unfortunate circumstances. It gives knowledge on the things that either people don't know about or just may not fully understand. The aspects of living with different ailments come with pros and cons and this book describes it all in detail. Wanna know more? Hit the purchase button below and let's take the ride through the book together!

My Life




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Season 2 - February 16th 2020

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December 4th 2020 - Author Of the Month

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I Have This, This Doesn't Have Me
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Warrior Princess to Warrior Queen


New Creation's Gift Shop

Once a storefront in Fishkill NY and now a fully online store due to COVID, both owners Laura and Michele have been dedicated to making small businesses grow with theirs. My book I Have This, This Doesn't Have Me can be purchased from the comfort of your homes as well as other awesome items!

New Creation's Gift Shop holds a special place in my heart, making it one of my favorite shops! Check out the store here!

Three Arts Bookstore

Located in Poughkeepsie NY, this store started carrying my book in October 2020. It was one of those stores that I had never heard of prior to it's research but it is one that I am super excited because the owner said yes to helping me expand my brand. Stop by and see Walter :-)

The Montgomery Book Exchange

Located in Montgomery NY, this book store started carrying I Have This, This Doesn't Have Me because of a Google search as I was looking for places that would be willing to help me promote being that at the time, I was an upcoming author. With this book store, I have done book signings and have met some great people. Stop in on Tuesday - Saturday 10a-7p, Sunday 12p-4p to see what Walt and Claire have going on!


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